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Celebrate a Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival with Kekito Bakery

An exclusive menu for staff and members of Alexandra Hospital.

Alexandra Hospital Pop-up

Date: 25th Sept Monday, 10am-3pm

Venue: Outside AH Pharmacy

Pop-up Specials

Enjoy 28% early bird discount* on these items below. Order by 12th Sept Tuesday!

  • Discount will revert to 20% after 12th sept.
  • Limited stocks available for Mooncake, first come first serve. Order early to avoid disappointment.
  • Coupon code is available in your staff email.

How to pre-order

  1. Select the items you want from the menu above
  2. Key in Coupon Code at top of checkout page to enjoy the discount
  3. Select Collection, and location “Alexandra Hospital”, date as 25th Sept. 

Payment methods: Paynow transfers (free), Credit card (3% transaction fee applies).

  • All orders will be available for collection on 25th Sept at our pop-up booth.
  • Pop-up menu and staff discount is not applicable for home delivery. If delivery is required, kindly order on our regular “shop” menu.

Any questions kindly contact 87747237 (whatsapp/call).

About our Keto Sugarfree Mooncakes

This Mid-Autumn Festival we present to you a special range of high-fibre, no-sugar, no-lotus mooncakes.

What’s bad in a mooncake? The sugar, the flour, and the lotus paste- all of which are high in carbohydrates and will turn into sugar in the body.

Instead, we replace the flour with nuts, lotus paste with low-carb nuts paste, and change the sweetener to a 0-calorie sweetener that is even better than maltitol which still can spike the blood sugar.

Fillings are all handmade in-house and component is handmade from scratch with expert care on ingredients to ensure the mooncakes are truly  keto and diabetic-friendly.

86% lesser Carbs! Regular mooncakes contain more than 25g of carbohydrates (converts to sugar) per piece, we have reduced it to less than 3.5g, that is a 86% reduction compared to regular mooncakes. Enjoy Mooncakes guilt-free with us!

Taste just like regular mooncakes Our mooncake paste is made of nuts which tastes like actual mooncakes. They are also

  • Natural (No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring)
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Sugar-free (No Maltitol, no Xylitol, no Sugar, no Coconut Sugar, no Honey- that spikes blood sugar levels)
  • High in Fibre
  • Specially designed for those on a keto, sugar-free lifestyle as especially made for Diabetics.

About Kekito Bakery

We started in 2019 to serve low-carb bakes that don’t impact the body’s blood sugar levels. Our bakes compliment diabetics who want to get their condition into remission, as well as ketogenics who want to enjoy bakes while being on a diet. Being super strict on ingredients, we insist on using no sugar and no flour. Our focus is in making the lowest-carbs bakes and confectionary you can enjoy while being in health!

Read more about how we are 3x more diabetic-friendly than regular bakeries: https://kekitobakery.com/diabetic-friendly/

Read more about our keto-purist range: https://kekitobakery.com/keto-purist/