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Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Keto and Diabetic-friendly Log Cakes, Cookies and Pies by KELO Foods

Celebrate this festive season with healthy bakes and cakes! Everything we have is strictly keto & diabetic-friendly.

  1. New Pandan Ondeh Log Cake

Pandan Ondeh is one of our most popular cakes on the menu and this year we have made it into a log cake! It is similar but not exactly the same as the whole cake as the log cake is made of a luscious buttercream that does not melt easily, and so you can display on your dinner table from the start of the meal. The combination of the fragrant pandan sponge (made with 100% pandan juice!) with our coconut crumble and sugar-free “gula-melaka”-inspired sauce will delight your tastebuds and make a perfect ending to a meal without triggering a blood sugar spike.

best keto and diabetic friendly pandan ondeh log cake gluten free for christmas

We also have our all-time favourite flavours Chocolate Hazelnut and Isphahan Raspberry Lychee Cake. There is something for everyone!

2. Cookies

This year we bring you all our favourite festive cookies back! There’s White Chocolate Macadamia, Dark Chocolate Walnut, Sea Salt Pecan with Chocolate chips and a brand new flavour- Peppermint Chocolate Walnut, made with lily’s mint chocolate chip (a super-rare flavour!). Enjoy the cookies as an afternoon or midnight snack, paired with tea! And if you are looking for a gift, we have a giftset as well.

keto peppermint chocolate chip cookie diabetic friendly

3. Throwing a big party? 10-inch Cakes available

If you want to cater to a big -party up to 18-20pax, you can now get a 10-inch cake from us! Choose flavours like Yuzu Cheesecake or our Chocolate Stump cake!

4. Savoury Pies by KELO FOODS

Made by Chef Charlie of KELO FOOD, known for his delicious low carb & keto meals. We asked Chef Charlie to create for us something that will taste festive and special, and he created these two flavours that are not only super low in carbs but absolutely delicious!

First up, we have Classic Beef Bolognese Sheperds Pie- A twist on a classic, this pie is filled with hearty beef tomato filling cooked to perfection, topped with a fluffy and cheesy cauliflower mash

And not forgetting (Baker’s choice!) Creamy Chicken & Summer Veggies Mushroom Ragu w/ Black Truffle Cream- A delectable and oh-so-yummy filling of chicken, and veges in a umami black truffle cream sauce. Nothing says festive more than this hearty pie topped with a cheesy, creamy cauli mash

They are also cheesy and we are sure they will delight any party and brighten up your december!

keto shepherds pie beefketo shepherds pie chicken

Orders are now open! Visit our Menu here: Christmas Menu

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