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Keto & Diabetic-Friendly Celebration Cakes

Experience our delicious Japanese-style keto cakes made more healthy than any other. Our cakes are not only made without sugar, they also contain no flour, no gluten, no artificial colouring or flavouring!

  • Designed for diabetics- regular bakeries only reduce sugar or use maltitol which spikes blood glucose, we go further to ensure that even the sponge, cream, and flavours used are totally clean of sugars. The ingredients are 100% low/no GI ingredients that does not spike blood glucose levels.
  • Ketogenics can enjoy yet remain in ketosis as we ensure our cakes are compliant, and are as low in carbs as possible.

⭐We provide free Birthday cake toppers as well as candle and knife upon request

⭐To make your cake super special, you can top up and add on a customised sparkly-gold cake topper.  A great option to on any words you want without adding additonal carbohydrates sugar or calories!

p.s. Everything in our store is diabetic-friendly 🙂

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