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Our Diabetic-friendly Cakes & Desserts

Kekito Bakery's Diabetic-friendly sugar free cakes are made in Singapore for the best quality assurance possible, with 100% natural ingredients. Tasting less sweet, the cakes are low in carbs, are low in GI, and are suitable for type 1 diabetics, type 2 diabetics, GD (Gestational Diabetics), and everyone on a healthy lifestyle.

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3 x more Diabetic-friendly

"Diabetic-friendly" cakes commonly refer to bakeries who simply use less sugar, or use substitutes like honey, coconut sugar, or maltitol. In truth, all these ingredients are still sugar, or will still spike blood glucose levels. Eating half the amount of sugar, is still eating sugar and will still be bad for diabetics.

In addition, a cake's main ingredient- flour, which is a carbohydrate will also turn into sugar/glucose in the body. We do not consider cakes made with regular flour diabetic-friendly because it will still introduce sugar into the body.

New innovations in diabetic nutrition by Kekito Bakery removes ALL the sugar, and ALL the flour, ensuring added sugars and carbohydrates is down to a level of Zero. This ensures minimal/almost no spike in blood sugar levels.

Many diabetics have tested their blood glucose levels after consuming our cakes and are amazed at how their blood sugar reading still stays within the healthy limit. The freedom of being able to consume a regular size of cake without worrying about your body's blood sugar being in dangerous territory will bring a lot of joy to a diabetic!


Free of honey, maltitol, xylitol, sucrose etc.


Free of grain flours, which converts to glucose in the body


Innovations in our low-carb formula ensures little-to-no spike at all. Better than "Low GI"

keto diabetic friendly strawberry cake

Diabetic-friendly Birthday Cakes

Choose from our Signature Yuzu Japanese Cheesecake, or 100% Chocolate Fudge Cake for the chocolate cake lovers, or Pandan Ondeh cake if you enjoy the taste of local flavours, or the classic Ichigo Strawberry Cotton Cake - a birthday favourite!

We provide a candles, knife and a birthday sign, available upon request! Let us know on the checkout page and indicate under delivery notes.

Award Winning
Made by Cake Lovers
Nutritionist Verified

The highest standards in diabetic nutrition

Premium low-carb ingredients

All-natural flourless formula

Premium GMO-free almonds and hormone-free cream cheese are our flour replacement. These are extremely low in carbohydrates and high in protein. As almonds do contain natural carbs, many of our cakes are even nut-free to be lower in carbohydrates!

All-natural 0 Calorie sweeteners

We use mainly 0-calorie Monkfruit and Allulose sweeteners. These are non-blood sugar impacting as they are not digested by the body. These sweeteners come from natural sources and have the GRAS (generally recognised as safe) status from the FDA.

Quality ingredients, free of nasties

Our cakes do not contain artificial colouring or preservatives. We also bake with real dairy cream and real grassfed butter- No vegan cream which is made of chemicals, or vegan butter which is also called margarine, made of chemicals.

Made with the art of Japanese baking

Kekito Bakery’s cakes and desserts are made Fluffy, dreamy, decadent- as good as the real thing.

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