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Cake care

How long can I keep the items for?

Buns- Kept frozen up to 1 month from collection/delivery

Tea cake- keep refrigerated up to 5 days

Cookies- room temperature up to 3 weeks

Ice cream- Frozen, see expiry date at bottom of pint, at least 2 months.

Cream roll- keep refrigerated for 4 days or frozen for 3 weeks. Slice before freezing so you only need to take out the slices you are consuming for defrosting in fridge.


All our cakes are natural and made without preservatives, hence kindly consume within 3 days from the date of delivery/collection for best quality. For items with fruits, kindly consume the fruits first, within 2 days.

* Do visually check the cake before consumption, as we don’t use preservatives; shelf-life is highly dependable on storage fridge (condition, temperature, moisture, etc.)

If you intend to keep the cake longer, up to 5 days, our recommendation is to keep in airtight container to prevent the cake from drying.

How many slices can a whole cake serve?

6 inch- 5-6 pax

8 inch- 8-12 pax

If you buy regular sugared cakes often and prefer regular large slices for cakes, we advise using the lower-end of the estimation and err on the side of safety by getting the larger cake.

i.e. if having 10 pax, you can get 2x 6 inch or 1x 8 inch.

Do you provide knife and candles? Can I add words to the cake?

We can provide knife, candle, and a premium happy birthday sign upon request, please state under delivery notes at checkout.

If you would like customized words ” Written message on cake”, we also provide, kindly state your words at checkout. This is a small handwritten gold sign made of paper.

To upgrade to a customised cake topper, made of a cut-out words, add on cake topper $7.80 at checkout. We also offer a cute piggy holding your message if you want further personalisation.

Nutrition FAQ

Are Kekito Bakery’s cakes diabetic-friendly?

Yes all our items are diabetic-friendly, in fact they are 3x more diabetic friendly than regular bakeries who provide diabetic-friendly cakes. Everything at Kekito Bakery is flourless and sugar free, allowing each cake to be extremely low in carbohydrates. Diabetics can test by seeing almost little to no blood sugar spike after consuming the cake.

Read more: About our diabetic-friendly cakes and desserts

Are Kekito Bakery’s cakes keto-friendly?

Yes, at Kekito Bakery we bake with the strictest keto standards.

Our key ingredients include:
❤️Monkfruit sweetener
(no maltitol, no honey or blood sugar spiking alternatives)
❤️Real dairy cream
(no vegan chemical cream)
❤️Real grass-fed butter
(no vegan butter made of inflammatory vegetable fats, no margarine, no vegetable oil)
❤️Made of real almonds and cheese

We also have a nut-free range suitable for the Keto Purist.

Our entire menu is made all-natural and free of nasties- no grain, flour, chemicals, artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives.

We also avoid the following items commonly seen in fake keto bakes:

  1. Xylitol/ Maltitol- these are inferior sweeteners that will still spike your blood sugar levels and xylitol is even lethal for pets. These keto bakes tend to be extremely cheap due to the use of inferior sweeteners.
  2. 70/80%/90% or “Keto Chocolate” or “Valrhona chocolate”- these chocolates all contain hidden sugars if you look at their ingredient list. With the use of these chocolate which already contains sugar added to them, no other sugars are required and can falsely be labelled as “Keto”. Only 100% chocolate has no sugar added. (Valrhona Chocolate is made with maltitol as a sweetener. As it is not a sugar, many inexperienced bakers consider it sugar-free, diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly)
  3. Red velvet cake- most red velvet cake is made of red colouring containing sugar. Not only is the ingredient made of fake colouring (and a lot is required to make the cake red), they contain hidden sugars.
  4. Soy flour- We avoid soy flour as most brands are not gmo-free and hence, not a sustainable source of protein for those on Keto. Soy may also affect hormones, and as insulin is a hormone we are trying to regulate, Soy may interfere and does not fit our strict keto standards.
  5. Crispy feuilletine- this makes a cake amazing crunchy and some bakeries do add this to a keto cake. Regular feuilletine is made with flour/sugar and is not suitable for keto. Do be careful of crunchy cakes.
  6. Banana- there is no keto-friendly banana cake as banana is high in carbs. We caution you from consuming a banana cake labelled as keto. If it does not contain real banana, then it contains fake banana essence which is made of chemicals. Chemicals do not meet our strict keto standards and so we do not offer fake keto banana cake.
  7. Vegan- Vegan and keto usually are not uttered in the same phrase because vegan bakes are usually non-keto- containing harmful vegetable oils and non-dairy cream made of chemicals. We also notice fake vegan keto bakeries putting sugary chocolate as customised wording on cakes. It is possible to make a vegan keto baked treat using coconut oils, but you would taste mainly coconut in every flavour. (if you cant discern coconut in your vegan cake, then the oils used are likely to be inflammatory vegetable oil/margarine)

View our complete ingredient list here: Our Keto Ingredients

Are Kekito Bakery's cakes Vegan-friendly?

We have items for vegetarians who can take dairy in our eggless range:

  • Almond/ Macadamia/ Earl grey Butter cookies
  • Hazelnut pods
  • Chocolate rare cheesecake
  • Froyo ice cream
  • Coconut ice cream
  • Strawberry cheese ice cream
  • Chocolate ice cream

For vegans our plant-based and dairy-free items are the following:

  • Coconut ice cream

Do note we do not use vegan cream/ vegan oil/ vegan cheese as they contain vegetable fats that are not keto-friendly. Be careful of vegan keto items, try not to eat them if you are not vegan.

Are Kekito Bakery's items halal-friendly?

Kekito Bakery is not halal certified, however all our items are made with halal ingredients (no pork, no lard, all ingredients with halal logo), except for Foret Noire Blackforest cake which contains rum (can be excluded upon request).

Are Kekito Bakery’s cakes suitable for kids?

Yes, we take care to use all-natural ingredients in our cakes.

Do note we do use natural alternative sweeteners Monkfruit Sweetener, and Alluose- they have a GRAS status (Generally recognised as safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Out of the abundance of care, we suggest to provide the cakes for children above the age of 2.

Are Kekito Bakery’s cakes suitable for mothers who have gestational diabetes?

Yes our cakes are sugarless, flourless, low carb and contain low carb ingredients. Mothers who have gestational diabetes can consume the cakes without worrying that their blood sugar reading will go into the dangerous territory. These is because our sweeteners do not get digested by the body and will be expelled, and the flourless formula ensures little to no sugar entering the body. Mothers with diabetes can enjoy with a peace of mind.

Do note we do use natural alternative sweeteners, they have a GRAS status (Generally recognised as safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If large quantities are consumed, one may experience gas or have a laxative response, although these are very rare and we have not have any reported case on our items. We have served many pregnant mothers since we opened in 2019. To be extra safe, if you are more sensitive to digestive issues,  we suggest to not eat more than ¼ of the whole cake at one time, or the whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. Eat in moderation! 😊

Is there gelatine in the cake?

Some of the cakes contain gelatine (mostly in cakes containing cream). We use halal beef gelatine, but we can use fish gelatine upon request. If you would like us to omit gelatine, call us to enquire.