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Keto Purist Cakes & Desserts

Are you clean keto or dirty keto? Whichever you are, you can delight in our Keto Purist Range, made for our most discerning ketogenics.

Not only do we stick by the highest of keto standards, this range is completely nut-free. Regular Keto bakes are made with almond flour which contains omega6 fatty acids- although healthy for the heart in small amounts, bakes heavy on almond flour may cause an over consumption and an imbalance of omega 3/6, leading to inflammation in the body.

We serve to make healthy foods you can enjoy everyday, without the worry of inflammation. With our Keto Purist range, you can stock up and enjoy freely with a peace of mind!


Clean Keto


safe for daily consumption

The Kekito Difference

Not all Keto bakes are made the same. These are the standards of keto bakes which we stick by, without compromises.

We aim to help you achieve

❤️Healthy blood sugar readings

❤️Ketosis to reach your health goals

❤️Sustainable healthy life

Healthy Fats: Grass-fed Butter & Dairy-cream

We do not use vegan butter (margarine), and vegan cream (non-dairy cream). These are highly inflammatory for a pure keto diet and are made of added sugars and chemicals.

0 Calorie Natural Sweetener: MonkFruit & Allulose

We do not use sub-par ingredients like Maltitol and Xylitol. Although these are not considered sugar and are commonly used as sugar alternatives, they will still raise your blood sugar readings and kick you out of ketosis. Be very careful as we see a lot of new "keto" bakes made with inferior sweeteners.

Lowest-carb flour replacements: Hormone-free Cream Cheese and Eggs

In place of nuts, we use cheese and eggs which contain almost no carbs. Merging art and science, we achieve soft and dreamy textures that taste as good as regular sponge cakes. You may not even realise they are made of cheese in some of our items.

All-natural ingredients- Real Colours, Real Flavours

We do not use artificial food colouring and flavouring commonly seen in keto bakes. Everything is naturally coloured and flavoured using real ingredients.
We go further to even ensure our chocolate used is 100% Chocolate, because anything lesser contains added sugars.