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Keto Sugarfree Mooncakes

This Mid-Autumn Festival we present to you a special range of high-fibre, no-sugar mooncakes. Fillings are all handmade in-house without the use of lotus paste ( high in sugar and carbohydrates), as well as free from maltitol seen in regular diabetic bakes (they are proven to still spike blood glucose). Additionally we lower the carbs and sugar further by using a flourless formula. Every component is handmade from scratch with expert care on ingredients to ensure the mooncakes are truly  keto and diabetic-friendly.

86% lesser Carbs! Regular mooncakes contain more than 25g of carbohydrates (converts to sugar) per piece, we have reduced it to less than 3.5g, that is a 86% reduction compared to regular mooncakes. Enjoy Mooncakes guilt-free with us!

Taste just like regular mooncakes Our mooncake paste is made of nuts which tastes like actual mooncakes. They are also

  • Natural (No Artificial Colouring or Flavouring)
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Sugar-free (No Maltitol, no Xylitol, no Sugar, no Coconut Sugar, no Honey- that spikes blood sugar levels)
  • High in Fibre
  • Specially designed for those on a keto, sugar-free lifestyle as especially made for Diabetics.

Enjoy Early Bird Rate of 30% Discount with code “bestketomooncake”, input at checkout to enjoy! (Sold out)

Get 15% with code “sugarfreemooncake”.

Mooncakes are open for pre-orders. Delivery/Collection is available from 27Aug-15Sept 2022. You can select the date at checkout.

Note: All items in the same order must be delivered/collected together.