Kekito Bakery makes low-carb, sugarless and keto bakes. Made by cake lovers and verified by nutritionists.


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Christmas Specials

Celebrate this festive season with our Keto & Diabetic-friendly Christmas treats.
The entire range is all-natural, of the highest quality, made as low in carbs as possible, free of sugar and of the strictest keto standards.


Our speciality lies in achieving unbelievably low carb cakes that are totally flourless, low in nuts, and chemical-free with only 100% natural ingredients like grass-fed butter, eggs and cheese. Enjoy delicious real food handcrafted with love. Suitable for ketogenics, better for diabetics.

Cookies and Sets

Give a gift of health to you and your loved ones.

[Delivery & Pickup Info]
Deliveries available now till 24th(almost full) Dec & 25th (new slots open).
Pickup from shop available now till 26th Dec (Open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as usual).

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