Chocolate chip walnut muffin


Made with low-carb almond flour and natural sugar substitutes, this cake is perfect for the afternoon snack and goes perfectly with tea or coffee! This variation of muffin has stevia-sweeetened chocolate chips and walnuts added. Best of all it’s low-GI cake is diabetic-friendly, keto-compliant and will not give you a sugar high!

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1pc $5.20

Bundle (4pcs) :  $20

Made with low carb & keto-compliant ingredients. No colouring or preservatives added.

Keto-friendly| Diabetic-friendly| gluten-free| low carb| Sugarless |Flourless

Note that Lakanto maple sweetener used contains flavouring.

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Nutritionist-verified| Low carb ingredients| Sugarless. Suitable for diabetics, those on a keto or low-carb lifestyle.

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