Keto Cheese Bun (frozen)

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Keto cheese bun that’s a marriage between a scone and a biscuit. We love the savoury bun as it is so good by itself. Great as a breakfast bun (keeps one full for really long), or a snack any time of the day!

Each bread roll contains <3.5g of net carbs

Size available: 4 pieces for $16, 8 pieces $30

Made with all-natural low carb & keto-compliant ingredients.  No colouring or preservatives added. This product also contains no refined sugars and no keto sweetener.

Cheese buns are now delivered frozen to preserve its flavour. To enjoy, kindly defrost in the chiller overnight and heat up in the microwave (20 sec on high).

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Nutritionist-verified| Low carb ingredients| Sugarless. Suitable for diabetics, those on a keto or low-carb lifestyle

Based on 3 reviews
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  1. Cyn (verified owner)

    A perfect healthy and tasty breakfast meal. It tasted so scrumptious with only butter. The texture is soft and moist. A must have if you have not tried it.

  2. Jay

    A great breakfast option! I like to pair it with some almond nut butter and it taste absolutely delicious! Can also be eaten as it is ! A great keto staple!

  3. Zealyn (verified owner)

    I was impressed by how much these tasted like something out of a regular wheat-using bakery (it felt close to something like a cheese scone). It was so flavourful and doesn’t really need anything in my opinion but I did enjoy with nut butter and coffee.

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