100% Chocolate Rum & Cherry Stump cake


Our popular Chocolate Fudge Cake got all jazzed up this festive season with the addition of dark cherries and rum.

Think fluffy chocolate sponge, smothered with chocolate fudge made from the most keto-friendly 100% chocolate, and sandwiching rum-soaked cherries. Boozy and chocolatery, this guest is definitely welcome at the dinner table!

We do not use chocolate ganache which typically uses 80/90/99% chocolate that contains hidden sugars, and no “sugar-free chocolate” which contains blood sugar spiking maltitol/maltodextrin/dextrose, making this chocolate cake is the safest choice for ketogenics and diabetics.

Note for strict keto-goers: Alcohol is sugar-free, and will be burned off first before ketosis burn fats.

Each slice of cake contains <4g net carbs (6 slices on 6 inch cake)

Size available:

6-inch : $85 (6-8 pax)

8 inch: $170 (12-16pax)

Sugarless| Gluten Free | Low-carb | Flourless | Diabetic-friendly

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Nutritionist-verified| Low carb ingredients| Sugarless. Suitable for diabetics, those on a keto or low-carb lifestyle

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