Keto Cinnamon Buns (Contains Gluten)


New Keto Cinnamon Buns

Introducing our new Keto Cinnamon Buns, the perfect indulgence for those following a ketogenic lifestyle! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these cinnamon buns are low in carbs but high in flavor, featuring a soft, fluffy texture and a sweet cinnamon filling that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Different from normal cinnamon buns topped with cream cheese icing, these are already sweet without it, and is just as satisfying. Enjoy the warm, comforting taste of cinnamon buns without compromising your dietary goals. Perfect for a cozy breakfast or a decadent treat, our Keto Cinnamon Buns are sure to become a new favorite in your low carb diet plan.

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Size available:

3 medium pieces- bag for $9

8 mini pieces- 6inch round $16

Made with all-natural low carb & keto-compliant ingredients. No colouring or preservatives added.

Note: Buns can last in fridge for 5 days. If keeping longer than 5 days kindly freeze it- to consume, defrost in fridge overnight or microwave till warm.

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Nutritionist-verified| Low carb ingredients| Sugarless. Suitable for diabetics, those on a keto or low-carb lifestyle

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