Kekito Bakery makes low-carb, sugarless and keto bakes. Made by cake lovers and verified by nutritionists.


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Our Story & Philosophy


We love cakes so much; we could eat them every day. However, one day we realize that the high sugar content in regular cakes, bread and desserts was causing weight gain and not helping our blood sugar levels. We also wanted our family members who have diabetes to enjoy baked treats without worrying about its sugary implications. We asked ourselves, was there a better way to enjoy bakes without its sugar and carbs?

With a love for cakes and a mission to make healthier bakes, we set out to create cakes that are non-blood sugar impacting. By baking without flour or sugar, we create flourless, sugarless, and the lowest-carb bakes you can find in stores!

Kekito Bakery was eventually born out of our desire to share our creations with the world. We endeavour to make delectable treats that are kind to your body- crafted using wholesome, all-natural and quality keto-compliant ingredients, made with lots of love. Now we don’t have to limit ourselves from a major food group… desserts! (and you don’t have to too!)

Inspired by the quality of Japanese cakes, we aim to create cakes that are "Keki" meaning "Cake" in Japanese, with  "Keto" low-carb qualities.
Inspired by the quality of Japanese cakes, we aim to create cakes that are "Keki" meaning "Cake" in Japanese, with "Keto" low-carb qualities.



We take utmost care to ensure our recipes are robust, with the right ingredients and accurate nutritional information, thoroughly checked and verified by a qualified nutritionist. This is our promise to good quality low-carb bakes that you can trust.


All of our creations are made without refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. We use natural sugar substitutes (Monkfruit & Erythritol) which contains no calories nor carbohydrates that get ingested into the body. Instead, they stimulate the sweet taste receptors on your tongue and then gets passed out of the body (and unlike Stevia, they leave no artificial after-taste). Our cakes contain no carbohydrates from regular sugar that would spike your blood sugar levels!

P.S. We want to be the better choice for diabetics. We do not use Maltodextrin seen in many diabetic-friendly “sugarless” products even though it is much cheaper, as Maltodextrin has been proven to mimic regular sugar in raising one’s blood sugar levels.

Low-Carb & Flourless

As regular flour is high in sugar and carbs, we replace it with nuts and coconut. Our Signature range is even nut-free and totally flourless. In doing so, all our cakes are ultra low-carb. We want to best support those on a low carb and keto lifestyle with bakes that are the lowest carb count we can possibly achieve.


Many have given our cakes the thumbs up! Try one today.